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About Uther Interiors

Uther Interiors is part of the Virtual World Web (VWW), which is a huge network of 3D websites. With over 30,000 virtual worlds, the VWW is changing the way we view the online experience by offering an unprecedented level of social engagement. Now users can interact with products and services online before making a purchasing decision. This allows users to walk through 3D spaces and take tours of them like never before.

How does this help you

The benefits of the Virtual World Web have distinct benefits for people involved in the real estate and home improvement industries.

You can now turn any property that you are trying to sell, rent or improve into a 3D space that is exact scale to your real life space making planning and visualizing for your clients easier than ever before. Your clients can download the 3D platform and then actually walk through the space. Each piece of furniture, color and layout is right in front of them.

For selling and renting a space you can now have clients anywhere in the world tour the 3D space making your client’s decision making process easier as well as much more accessible.

If you are designing a space you can now offer your clients multiple layouts, colors and furniture options very cheaply and quickly. They will easily be able to get a feel for their possible new space.

You can view some of the Virtual World Web's most popular worlds by downloading the 3D Web Browsers at the following links:

Visit Virtual Vancouver

Virtual Vancouver

Experience Vancouver in a whole new world that includes real local restaurants, an interactive art gallery, and a live concert venue in The Amphitheatre.
Visit Albrighton Virtual Real Estate

Albrighton Real Estate

Experience Real Estate in a whole new way. Visit this virtually reconstructed property that you can actually buy! You can even visit the property showroom for more hot properties.

Featured Property

"Another thing I enjoyed about my 3D Home Tour, it shows the diagonal walls and ceiling features that were not quite visible in my real estate photos, nor in the 2 dimensial floorplans."

- Roz McNulty, Homeowner


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